Electric Bicycle Hub Motors

Electric bicycle hub motors come in a few different varieties but for bicycles they all serve the same overall purpose.

There are rear and front hubs and each has its own advantages. If you ever want to do wheelies you should definitely opt with the rear! (kidding)

But you'll find more information below plus more in our electric bicycles section.Bicycling through South Africa.. would you wish you had an electric hub motor?

If you want to know the pros and cons of adding a electric power to your bike, it's really simple...

You're adding more weight to the bike which makes it harder on yourself when not using e-power...

In order to enjoy an effortless ride... Like a scooter.

You'll spend more money, have a heavier bike, and a few more mechanical headaches.

But it'll have scooter-like capabilities which is pretty awesome.

Just don't forget to charge it! Then again, using your legs is way better for you. That's what the guy in the picture uses. He's in South Africa there.


How electric bicycle hub motors work

The hub motor is built into the wheel of the bicycle. That then is connected to your power (there are different voltages) and your choice of batteries.

That's the simple explanation and I take it that's all that you wanted. So let's move on.

Here's a really cool example of one if you wanted to see exactly what it looks like in action. Once you get there play the first video and you'll see what I mean.

You'll need a battery, hub motor wheel, charger, motor controller, throttle, and you could also use an owners manual with installation instructions, a bunch of zip ties, and a torque arm.

A complete kit will come with everything you need besides the bicycle. Just make sure you order the correct wheel size.

That's what the E-BikeKit is for. It comes with EVERYTHING you'll need to convert your current bicycle to e-power. And you'll find more info - including pros and cons on the different motor/voltage options - at their website. Link opens in a new window.

photo credit peter herbig file # 2352073