DIY Tiny House for $3,500

Newt Stremple recently wrote a blog post on Jenine Alexander, who built her very own DIY tiny house for $3,500.

It's a 128 square foot home made out of mostly reclaimed materials that she found on Craigslist. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Jenine spent three years traveling on her bicycle but began dreaming of a place to call home.

Like you and I, she must have figured that a tiny home would be perfect because they're not very demanding of your time and resources thanks to their simplicity and small size.

Jenine Alexander's DIY Tiny House - Photo by Nicolas Boullosa

Photo Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa of Faircompanies via Flickr

How to Find Reclaimed Materials for Your DIY Tiny House

If you decide to build your own little home on a trailer it can easily cost you upwards of $20,000 if you showed up to your local hardware store to purchase what you need.

Jenine was able to find just about everything besides the screws, hinges and fasteners for her home second hand. As you can tell, this saved her thousands of dollars.

So how can you do the same thing? Easy.. You just have to have the time and willingness to search and talk to people. Fortunately- today it's easier than ever thanks to the Internet.

Tips on Getting your Building Materials for Free/Cheap

  • Use your Craigslist account
  • Keep an eye out for demolitions
  • Tell people about your project
  • Be willing to labor away for materials
  • Stay creative and be flexible
  • Use available plans to begin your project

According to Newt and Jenine, all you need is confidence and Craigslist. :)

You can go ahead and read Newt Stremple's original blog post on Jenine Alexander's project.