Corn Shed Living

by Thomas
(Indiana, USA)


Really like your site. At first, I felt out of place,
living in a converted corn shed. (Who wouldn't?) But,
now that I see the trend toward tiny or small homes,
I feel 'right at home.' /// I bought the place in '97.
Its history is this: it was first a 12' x 20' corn shed. It, and a half-dozen other sheds, were relocated from farm land to spots next to a drive-in restaurant.
Sheds were converted into cottages for travelers. One of the sheds was purchased, moved to this location. An
additon of same size was built onto the shed/cottage.
I later bought it, then recently added a room and porch.
Even though it's not yet completed, it's functional.
I plan to add a tool shed and workshop, as I can afford to do so.

Original cost was $15,000. After interest, total original cost was $23,000. All was done on an $800 monthly pension. /// I do not have a family to support, and I buy food where sold inexpensively. My lot allows space for two gardens, useful spots in the future, if
the economy slows and food shortages are a problem.

I've thought of putting a book together, sharing ideas
and sources for builders and remodelers. While big home
ownership was once a sought-after status, I'm seeing the
value of tiny-house lifestyles. In today's America, the value of smaller homes will very likely increase and be attractive to prudent minded home owners.

twp - indiana

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Jul 20, 2010
-- giving credit where due!
by: Anonymous

This is Thomas again -- wanting to add a few more lines. My brother was 'chief engineer' for my tiny home project. His own experience began by living in a 10' x 15' shed; the knowledge he gained was later applied to my own project. Also, because of his economic living style, he managed to continually reinvest into his garage-door installation business; he also was building a larger home 'around' the smaller house. This process allowed him to live economically, as he built his business, which continued for 30 years.
He has three college degrees, taught at college level prior going into business. He strongly supports the tiny house concept, especially today,
because people need to live economically -- especially those who are building a home business.
Note: I love the concept of a 'garden studio' --
like the one shown. I need a designated area about that size for my caricature art studio.

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