Compact Jr
Fiberglass Travel Trailer

The Compact Jr is a very light weight travel trailer that was manufactured *around* 1971 through 1975 by a company called Hunter Structures, Inc.

There are plenty of reasons that a trailer like this one is beneficial...

  • Can be pulled by most vehicles due to its light weight
  • Fits inside just about any garage because of the pop up feature
  • Gets plenty of ventilation (pop up)
  • Great on gas mileage

This can be a great choice of trailer to restore because once finished it fits in your garage and can last you many more years.

Here is a picture gallery of someone's 1973 model. As you can see it is easily pulled by a car.

To learn more about the Compact Jr I recommend visiting and joining Fiberglass You'll find lots of great resources and others who own the same trailer.