Cob Workshops

Cob workshops are an excellent way to learn more and/or get hands on experience before starting your own project.

Small projects like creating an oven, fireplace, or just trying to make a mix can really kick start your learning ability! It also wouldn't hurt to pick up some books on the subject so you can "dive in" to more info.

Patrick Hennebery has completed over 25 cob homes, plus many ovens, garden walls, fireplaces and sheds. Pretty soon, I think he might have some web workshops available.

Tracy Calvert, Elke Cole, and Patrick Hennebery formed Cobworks in 1999.

"Our workshops focus on using recycled and local materials and giving particpants the skills, confidence and network of new cobbers to take on their own project." ~ Pat

For more on building a cob home click here.

To get in touch with Cobworks (for workshops) click here to go to their website. (Link opens in a new window)