Cob Oven

A cob oven is made with hand molded clay and sometimes straw. Others are made of adobes (like cob but in brick form). Each and every one is completely original piece of art.

...which doubles as an oven!

Here is a really nice one. All of these photos are thanks the great people at Cob Works.

Cob Oven

This one seems pretty large compared to lots of others and you can see that it has an exhaust on the top.

Here is a smaller version with no exhaust -- it seems to use those holes as an alternative to an exhaust.

Cob Oven - Smaller Version

See -- each one IS unique!

Here is another oven with a really nice set up. And a really cool sun artistic design.

Perfect area for plenty of people ot hang out at and have get togethers. I love the spots on the walls that have candle holders built in, how cool.

Cob Ovens

For more on cob (yes--photos too!), visit Cob Works. Tell them Alex says Hi!