Class B Falcon

Intervec's class B Falcon has been offered in many different varieties. Intervec's name came from International Vehicles Corporation which was manufactured by Phoenix USA Inc.

Here is a shot of my 1995 Falcon 190 converted on a Ford E-350.

my 1995 ford intervec falcon 190

Intervec-Phoenix RV Club

Visit www.intervecphoenix.orgit is a club for small motorhomes and campervans, primarily for owners of Phoenix Cruiser, Phoenix Sport, InterVec Falcon and InterVec Horizon RVs.

Click here to read a little history about InterVec.

So, where can I get one?

If you're interested in finding one of these awesome vans my suggestion is to try searching through the Craigslist in your surrounding area.

In addition, these camper vans appear regularly on Ebay Motors so I suggest you take a look there as well.

My Friends

You have got to go visit my friend Glenn who lives and travels full time in his Falcon 190. He has his own blog where you can check out his van and what he's up to.