Class B Dealers

Class B dealers are in a lot of places, but not everywhere. So you might find that you need to travel a bit to get to an RV dealer that specializes in class b motor homes so that you have some variety to choose from.

In any case, you will find that you can search for deals online, in the newspaper, and at dealers too. This page is dedicated to help with your search.

For me, searching online is usually my first step because I don't have to leave the house. Here are some useful tips for that:

  • Search your local Craigslist and try using keywords like: Class B, camper van, Falcon, Roadtrek, Pleasureway, Coachmen, Airstream class b, 190, 170
  • If you have no luck there, try expanding your search on Craigslist to some nearby places that you would be willing to travel to
  • Use the same search queries as above on Ebay Motors--they usually have at least two to three class B RV listings at a time
  • Use your favorite search engine to find a dealer near you because they just might have what you're looking for.


Vantastic Vans in Albuquerque, NM

ClassicVans Camper Vans (Internet dealer)