Boler Trailer
A Light Weight Fiberglass RV

A Boler trailer is great for light weight RV camping. These travel trailers are efficient for pulling and built to last a long time.

Brief History...

The Canadian Boler ultralight fiberglass RV sold thousands of units in the U.S. and Canada from 1968 through 1988.

Ray Olecko was the inventor who started out with a fiberglass septic tank. Then he thought why not use the material to create an ultra light weight camper...

About the camper itself

These trailers are pretty compact but still have a kitchen, small table, counter/cabinet space, and two sofa-beds that can sleep four.

It has fresh water holding tanks and a port-a-potty toilet. Many also have awnings.

Where to get one

These RVs are no longer in production (since 1988) but you can still find some for sale as there are plenty that are still around today. I always recommend checking eBay Motors and use Boler as a search term. Costs depend on the condition but they seem to range between $1,500 to $8,000.

To learn more about the Boler trailer and other fiberglass RVs, I recommend you visit the forums.

Boler Videos

They are so light weight that an electric golf cart is capable of pulling one with ease...

Tour of a Renovated 1980 Boler...