Boler RV

Boler RV is a light weight fiberglass trailer that hasn't been in production since the 70s. Boler owners say that their campers are efficient, light weight, and long lasting.

The name has to do with the shape of the RV (Bowler hats). Ray Oleck was the creator because he sketched his own needs and had a fiberglass molder create it for him.

Thousands of these trailers have been manufactured. They are all pretty small but include a kitchen, plenty of sleeping areas, water holding tanks, and toilets.

Used models can be found from time to time in a variety of conditions. You can often find them on eBay Motors online and who knows where else!

Here's a cool video of "Bolerama 2007" an annual camping event for all Boler owners. Watch below for 6 minutes worth of pictures of these trailers...

Looks like they had a blast!

Look at this beautiful Boler picture thanks to allthepies over at flickr.

Boler Trailer