Birdhouse Cabins

839 Square Feet Rectangular Cabins

I thought you'd like these birdhouse cabins just as much as I did when I first saw them. They're little homes with a unique rectangular layout and adjacent balconies with a total of 839-square-feet of total living space.

Birdhouse Cabin

Birdhouse Cabins

Birdhouse Cabins

They were named "Birdhouses" because they were meant to blend right into the natural environment. It's also why they've got the skinny metal legs that hold up the structure. Each one is 6' tall so the cabins are pretty well elevated.

The designers also arranged for the color of the home to blend in with the environment which is why one side is brown in color so it can match the landscape surrounding it.

Unfortunately they were later moved from the original building site that they were so appropriately designed for because of permitting and zoning issues. (That seems oh so common among tiny houses, doesn't it?)

Luckily though the structures are really attractive wherever you seem to put them. And the interiors are also very nice and functional too. They've got a nice feeling of home about them and you'll also like that the materials used to build it are natural and environmentally friendly too.

Birdhouse Tiny Cabin Interior

Birdhouse Tiny Cabin

Birdhouse Cabins

Architect: Totan Kuzembaev

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