Backyard Bandstands Colorado Gypsy Wagon Collection

by Denny Finn

These are my portable performance wagons. Not tiny houses, but could be.

They are built mostly with recycled or leftover materials from my remodeling business.

On two of them the roofs open ( powered by 24volt lineal actuators salvaged from old satellite dishes ) and part of the wall folds down to extend the floor.

We built the first one for our family band. The original idea was to give us a place to store our musical equipment between gigs, transport gear to shows, and when needed provide a protected place to play out of the sun and weather.

Since my sons and I are all craftsmen as well as musicians, it evolved into a showplace for our woodworking and stained glass skills as well.

The first one was built as a part time and weekend project and took almost two years. Once completed it became an instant hit at parties and festivals in our area, and festival promoters and other bands starting asking if we'd rent it out. Thus began our part time business venture called "Backyard Bandstand".

Next, we needed to upgrade our sound system and add a sound mixing booth for bigger shows. Wagon #2 serves this purpose with only part of the side walls that open.

The third wagon was built last fall as a solo project for myself. I wanted a smaller, more maneuverable unit for touring as a solo,duo, or trio act. Built on an old truck frame, this one took four months to build including the custom door, windows and stained glass work.

For more info, check out my facebook page: GypsyWagonStage

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Nov 11, 2013
You ought to be rich
by: R. Bruce Denney

What lovely contraptions you've made, Mr. Finn.
(You could have a little generator noise shield to put off in the distance for having a party in the wilderness & such).
I wish you great rewards in all these endeavors.

Nov 11, 2013
by: Lisa Henderson

This is a practical and classy for a small venue under the stars. Makes the performer feel like he/she is on a set! And the wiring is all there!
Great work!

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