Airstream Class B Motorhomes

Airstream class B motorhomes have been around for plenty of years now. The late model versions of their class B conversions are similar to that of Intervec.

Here's what a 1993 Airstream 190 looks like...

airstream 190 class b motorhome
It is similar to many of the older (and some newer ones, too) class B RVs which are professionally converted vans with all the same features of a large RV.

Now let's fast forward to today and Airstream is putting together some beautiful class B's that they like to call "Coaches."

Here is some of their latest work on video. Just press play to watch.

They are calling them Interstate Touring Coaches and as you have already noticed they are built on the Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter chassis. One of the neat things about the sprinter is that there is no need to add a fiberglass top because it is already high enough.

Check out Airstream's NEW "Interstate Coach" Class B