A Bamboo Cottage

by Abin
(Ernakulam, Kerala, India)

The Green Cottage

The Green Cottage

The cottage was built by me and my brother near a forest to enjoy its natural scenic beauty. The whole project only cost about $350 and the bamboo and hay used were collected from the jungle utilizing the help of residents.

The idea struck my brother and we started the design and construction and completed it in just three months. This round cottage has a radius of four meter and has mud flooring with two cots and a chair inside all made of bamboo.

It even has windows at the back to extend the view. The tribal people inspired me with their simple living and how they manage to get in close relationship with the forest and nature. It is completely green project and do not use any kind of synthesized material.

It gave a perfect view of the forest showing its wonderful and astonishing beauty for the entire three years since I have started living there.

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