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Tiny House Living, Issue #001
November 12, 2010


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Last week I added a new Cob Homes section thanks to Pat Hennebery at

Check out the new section right here (there are plenty of pictures and great info).

Cob Houses Section

On top of that I've also created an Electric Bicycles section just a couple of days ago.

I've always been interested in all kinds of e-bikes, so this will be a very fun section for me to build. And I'm sure you might like it too.

Check out the section right here...

Electric Bicycles

Besides that there's some really nice photos of a tiny house on a trailer (beautifully decorated) that's being rented out sort of as a hotel room.

Tiny House on a trailer pictures. (at Tiny House Lover blog)

Talk to you guys next time. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know!


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